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I'm Ksenia, a skilled photographer and owner of Bunny Production team from Kyiv, and I'm excited to help you capture your unique visual code based on your needs and values. With over 8 years of experience in photography and having worked with numerous local companies such as Autodesk, Fozzy Group, Kyiv Jewelry Plant, Galagan Design Studio, The Wings, Wowitstusja, Spaquatoria, KAFO, Winky Studio, Brothers, and personal brands and blogs, my expertise in studio lighting, teamwork, and internal communications can ensure that your photoshoot is a seamless experience.

Whether you're located in Poland or elsewhere in the country, you can trust me to create stunning visuals that tell your story. As someone with a strong passion for organizing projects and using photographic skills as a storytelling tool, my strengths lie in my sense of style, creativity, enthusiasm for problem-solving, self-organization, and attention to every detail. So let's work together to create something beautiful and meaningful that you'll cherish for years to come. Contact me now to schedule your photoshoot!

About the workflow


01. Consultation

We will begin by discussing your needs and preferences for the photography project. This includes understanding your business and goals, the type of photography you require, and the expectations you have for the final product.

02. Planning

Once I have all the necessary information, I will start planning the photo shoot. This includes deciding on the location, time, and date of the shoot, preparing a shot list, and arranging any necessary props, equipment, and lighting.

03. Pre-Production

We will then finalize all the details and logistics of the photo shoot. This includes creating a call sheet with all the necessary information for everyone involved in the shoot, double-checking the equipment, and ensuring everything is in working order. I will also invoice you with prepayment for my services.

04. Photography

This is where the actual photo shoot takes place. I will set up our equipment and lighting, and direct the models or products to capture the images that were planned in the previous stage.

05. Post-Production

After the shoot, I will begin editing the images to prepare them for delivery to you. This includes color correction, cropping, retouching, and any other necessary adjustments to ensure the images meet your requirements.

06. Delivery

Once the images are finalized, I will deliver them to you in the agreed format (digital or print). I will also invoice you for the second part of the payment for my services and any additional fees such as licensing fees or usage fees.

07. Follow-Up

Finally, after the project is completed, we will follow up with you to ensure you are satisfied with the final product and to ask for feedback. This can help us improve our services and maintain a positive relationship with you for future projects.


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